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Live Sound Reinforcement,  Rigging, Corporate Audio Visual, Event Labour and Teaching


     Music has always been a huge part of my life. I first was introduced to bands like The Rolling Stones, The Doors and Neil Young. At the age of six I got my first CD: Green Day's "Dookie". After becoming enthralled by these artists, my music taste began to grow. I remember listening to local rock stations and calling in every chance I got, always

hoping to win a prize or get on-air, and eventually asking jocks for tours of the stations.

It was just the beginning.

the Lunenberg pub, with plans for future involvement in the AV upgrades of the venue, as well as taking on the role of in-house technician and occasional bartender.


    After a full festival season I took on the position of Rentals Manager at Fleet Pro-Sound and Lighting, a position I held for two years. In that time I was in charge of all rentals and productions, expanding the clientel base, all shop inventory, management of staff, freelancers and co-op students, oversite of all Ottawa school board theatres and day to day operations of the department. While in this position I developed a course called "Intro to live sound" that is taught at the Bluesfest School of Music and Art.


     After two years at Fleet I decided to move on to more production focused projects and began operating Cayle Campbell Productions  

     This upcoming fall/winter I hope to continue advancing as an AV technician with a consistent bartending position, while reaching out to my promotional and radio pasts to host events, book bands, do voiceover work and potentially bring an educational youth/music project to reality.

     After ten months of traveling I returned to Canada, immediately working a full month at the Ottawa Bluesfest (Project X Productions). That year my responsibilities grew as I performed the duties of followspot operator (LMFAO) and assistant to pyro technician (Iron Maiden). That fall I expanded my freelance employer list and took a project managing position with a local AV company (PM Event Services). Over the fall and winter my reputation became cemented as a reliable and competent technician after many positive reviews from clients. From operating global conventions to mixing bands with national airplay at corporate bookings on a digital console, I demonstrated the ability and knowledge to handle any situation. To begin the year I started achieving a long time goal of participating in the Live 88.5 Big Money Shot with the band

“This Heavy Crown”, placing among the top thirty bands to compete. In May 2013 I re-constructed the sound and light setup for

     This position was granted to me on the suggestion of a prominent New Zealand bar figure, who again confirmed my ability at Coromandel Gold (largest New Year’s festival in New Zealand) and Jim Beam Homegrown (the biggest festival in the country by attendance), leading to my position at Sandwiches in Wellington, one of the most renowned and longest running drum & bass/ Techno nightclubs in the country.


     As of September 2011 I was living in New Zealand to see one of the world's most beautiful countries, gain more work experience, catch a few rugby games during the Rugby World Cup and get away from another long, cold Canadian winter. For the first four months I was based in Auckland. My experience as a stage hand grew on the local crew for all major shows to play Vector Arena (Def Leppard, Meat Loaf and Steely Dan) and major festivals (such as Big Day Out with Soundgarden & Laneway fest with Gotye) or Stages (Foo Fighters and Tenacious D). Apart from live concerts I freelanced for the company with contracts in all major hotels and convention centers in Auckland. After demonstrating my ability at a popup bar that played host to 7,000 fans at the Rugby World Cup final weekend, I was incredibly lucky to find myself on staff at “Studio, The Venue”(2012 Hospitality NZ Entertainment venue of the year), which boasted the largest capacity out of any nightclub in New Zealand.       

      By graduation in Spring 2010 my understanding of audio production was among the top of my class, and I was hired by the advanced production professor for his personal audio company. These shows started me in the direction of live events and added mixing live bands to my skill set. Within a year I was able to do sound at many well-known locations around Ottawa and had joined multiple call lists solidifying me as a Freelance AV Technician. The jobs I was performing included FOH mixing, monitor mixing, lighting design, follow spot operator, stage managing, corporate AV load ins/outs, nightclub installations, rental shop attendant (Fleet Pro sound and Lighting) and most roles on the ground for local crew at the Ottawa Bluesfest (Project X Productions).


     I kept a foot in hospitality during my last year of college and bartended at the Cajun Attic in the By-ward market, a restaurant by afternoon and live music venue by night. Because of “the Attic” and my radio interview schedule, I was seeing fifteen live bands a week or more. Shortly after it closed I became the head barback at Barrymore’s, a legendary venue with a large history. It was also common for me to do a guest bartending appearance at several clubs in this time. During the summer weekends, I became the beer hawker at the Ottawa baseball stadium and quickly became a fan favourite known as “Dreads”. At the end of that summer I hosted a Canadian Cancer Society benefit show to cut off a foot of my Dreadlocks and raised over a thousand dollars.

Rugby World Cup New Zealand 2011

CKDJ Dreaded Cut

Dreaded Cut For The Cure event poster

     To further my education I enrolled in the Radio Broadcasting program at Algonquin College. While honing my vocal control for microphones and script reading, my interests became even more geared towards the technical production and journalism sides of the industry. My marks in production, sales and performance were extremely high. Combining those skills I began to perform interviews with local and international artists allowing me to produce over fifty quality and entertaining interviews that were aired on a one hour weekly feature called "Ottawatch". In my final months of schooling I hosted seven shows on top of my regular workload every week: two jock talk shows, an afternoon drive slot, two hours voice tracked, “Ottawatch”, and finally “Beat School”, a fourteen part in-depth history of electronic music.

On Air at CKDJ 107.9 FM

Algonquin College with grades that landed me in the top of the class. The opportunities provided by the Bartending program allowed me to attract the attention of the management of the largest bar conglomerate in Ottawa. When I was 19, I was hired by the first bar in Canada to be run in partnership with a radio station, The Live Lounge. This venue was the host of the Live 88.5 Big Money Shot, at a time when the grand prize was $250,000. The staff also worked the large event venue, Capital Music Hall, where many big bands played. This environment launched me to an up-close view of the music industry while allowing me to meet and become familiar with many bands and prominent people in the local and national music scenes.

     Upon entering high school I picked up my older brother's Fender p-bass and became totally consumed. I joined a band and took classes such as guitar and music production. My interest in audio equipment and voice acting grew faster than myself. A makeshift recording studio in my garage was used for several of mine and my brother's bands. This allowed me to gain knowledge of the tools of the trade and get an early start on the path towards Audio production. I graduated in 2007.


     After high school my presence became recognisable in several local music scenes. Anything from lending a hand at ska shows, playing at a rock show or promoting a rave were typical happenings in my life. These diverse music experiences have allowed me to appreciate music as a whole and appreciate the individual styles.


A young Cayle Campbell

     Fall 2008 I completed the Bartending program at


Pre-programming a Behringer X-32 for a quick load-in

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FOH at Barrymore's Music Hall