Rates of Services

General Technician

Set/strike technician to assist with production A/V.

Stage Hand

Assisting with setups and changeovers for live performances.

Installation Technician

Permanent installation technician with tools for cable pulling/termination of lighting, video and audio.


RF technician to operate wireless microphones and monitoring. RF scanning equipment is included by technician.

Ground Rigger

Fully equipped ground rigger to support head/up riggers.

Small Event Audio Operator

Audio operation for small PA with speech and playback/background music only.

Follow Spot Operator

Operation of follow spot at heights or from fixed position.

Lift Operator

Certified lift operator for installations and decor(No rigging).


Fully equipped rigger. Climbing or from elevated work platform, to follow head rigger’s instruction.

Monitor Technician

Mixing monitors for full band/live productions (includes A2 responsibilities).

FOH Audio

Audio technician for operation of digital consoles and line array systems.

Crew Chief

Management of personnel and installation of production equipment, tasked with responsibility of overseeing and ensuring predetermined goals are achieved.

Show Caller/Director

Directing services to coordinate all departments for live events.



























Crew Labour

Please visit for details or contact me directly (by phone at 613-799-5923 or by text at 613-402-3270)

All call times are minnimum 4 hours.

Any alterations to calls must be made with 24 hours notice prior to start of call time.

All calls are, at minnimum, to be paid for full time booked.

Billing is peformed in half hour increments.

Meal breaks at 5 hours worked. Shifts that exceed meal break times will have a half hour added to end of call time.

In situations where no meal break can be taken a meal will be provided for technician.

Overtime of hourly rate (x1.5) at 10+hours & between the hours of 0200-0600.

For installations overtime applies to after-hours (1700-0800) & weekends.

Holiday rate of x2 applied for Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day and Canada Day.

Day rates are for a maximum of 12hrs, hours that exceed day rate to be billed at overtime rate.

Half day rates are available upon request with negotiated stipulations.

Sites located 50+KM away from central Ottawa will be charged at $0.30 per km unless transportation is provided.

Calls located 100+KM from central Ottawa & have <12hrs between calls or run 10+hrs require accomodations.

Additional labour from”Rates of Services” list is price listed +10% booking fee through Lycea Productions.

E-transfers & direct deposit preffered.

All applicable taxes are extra.

All accounts payable are NET15.

Interest on outstanding accounts will be charged at 3% compounded monthly.